Easy WP Localhost Review


Let me ask you a question. How many website projects have you never even started? How many themes & plugins have you paid for … but never used once.

The reality is… 95% of web projects NEVER get off the ground …most of us procrastinate for many reasons:

– site building on a live server is slow
– make one mistake, use one faulty plugin or theme & your site is broken
– learning new themes & plugins is hard & time consuming
– Worse still when building pages you have to wait for each update to load, so you end up waiting a lot during busy internet times, that means less profit.

Would you stop procrastinating, build more sites & make more money? With Easy WP Localhost you can solve this instantly…Now you can create, backup, & restore WordPress sites in SECONDS

Easy WP Localhost Review

Easy WP Localhost Review


Easy WP Localhost is software that installs on a PC or MAC that allows users to run WordPress test sites locally without any technical skills

There are huge advantages in doing this:

1. You can test themes & plugins offline
2. You can build sites offline
3. It’s faster – there’s no internet lag
4. If you make a mistake – just reset
5. You can fix/prevent problems on live sites
6. Zero running costs – no hosting/server fees

It’s the #1 tool that every WordPress developer uses daily & without a question the most useful tool for site development & testing.

Easy WP Localhost JV Demo + Funnel Demo


Everything’s new …it’s a brand new product which has been written from scratch. Here’s a summary:

1. Very easy install on both PC & MAC
2. Install any current or previous WP version
3. Install unlimited WP test sites (top version)
4. Delete, backup & restore sites
5. Futureproof – install any future WP releases
6. New SAAS like super easy user interface

The software operates like a SAAS on the PC/MAC allowing the user to create WordPress test sites on the fly….easier way than ever before possible.

Easy WP Localhost Review

Easy WP Localhost Review

With Easy Localhost Pro you have total control of all your development projects



Easy WP Localhost vs Others

Easy WP Localhost vs Others


Easy WP Localhost Review – Installation & 1 Click Site Setup – Mac OSX 72 seconds

Easy WP Localhost Review – Installation & 1 Click Site Setup – Windows 52 seconds


Q:Is It future proof for new WP versions?
YES – You can easily upload newer versions of WordPress into a specified folder & of course each installation will update just like on a real server.

Q: What Antivirus is Recommended?
We currently recommend Kaspersky Antivirus as it has the lowest false positive rate & best detection – you may need to whitelist Easy WP Localhost with other AV software.

Q: Is Real Hosting Software Used?
YES – 100% authentic versions of Apache, MySQL & PHP are used in Easy WP Localhost. It operates exactly like a real host using the XAMPP stack as a reliable base.

Q: Can I use this for client sites?
YES – The unlimited version is built for developers & comes with full developer rights… you can use this version for both personal & client sites

Q: Will my themes/plugins update normally?
YES – the software will update normally – just like on a real server.

Q: Can other people see my sites?
NO – Localhost sites are only visible by you. They sit on a network range that is visible by the public.


  • Vendor: Chris Hitman
  • Product: Easy WP Localhost


Easy WP Localhost Review

Easy WP Localhost Review

Launch Date: 2016-02-20
Launch Time: 10:00 EST
Sale Page: Click Here

If you're serious about building Wordpress sites, this will be the most valuable tool in your site building toolbox & the easiest one too! This will help you deploy live sites to localhost & upload your projects to live serves in one click.

User Rating: 5.0 (1 votes)
Get Easy WP Localhost

Easy WP Localhost Review


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